The Lake Song

"By Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg" was written by musicians Will Heagney, Will Mahoney and Bert Reed in the mid-1930's. The song was published by the Harry Von Tilzer Music Co. of New York in 1935. The tune gained nationwide attention around 1937 when it was played by Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanian's Orchestra.
Webster's Heller brothers, Hyman, a physician, and Samuel and Abraham, both lawyers, sang the long-name song for many years at benefit shows throughout the region. The late Catherine Mason was their accompanist. Abraham was the only survivor when he taped the song for a network program moderated by Charles Osgood.

What a place to see, what a place to be when the summer is here
You can spend all your time at play, blues will soon disappear.
Every day will be one big holiday, you'll be living at ease,
From early morning till late at night, you can do as you please.

When you hear the rippling water, it will set your heart a gogg,
At Lake Char-gogg-agogg-manchaugg-a-gogg-cha-bun-a-gun-ga-maugg
And the rhythm of the bull frogs, with their love-lorn dialogue,
At Lake Char-gogg-agogg-manchaugg-a-gogg-cha-bun-a-gun-ga-maugg.

Oh, there is such a lot to do, you lose all track of time
Nobody knows it's Sunday till they hear the church bells chime.
You can find out where this place is, if you look up your geog,
It's Lake Char-gogg-agogg-manchaugg-agogg-cha-bun-a-gun-ga-maugg.
It's Lake Char-gogg-agogg-manchaugg-agogg-cha-bun-a-gun-ga-maugg.

-Courtesy of Jacqueline Puliafico's BHS Alumni Choir & Friends in Concert


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