Bartlett Installs Best of the Best in Hall of Fame  
Thursday, November 13, 2008

The fourth Bartlett High School Athletic Hall of Fame installation was held Nov. 1 at the Thompson Speedway Clubhouse in nearby Thompson.

The Hall of Fame, reserved for the best of Bartlett’s best, inducted the 1994-95 girls basketball team; as well as another 11 athletes — Francis E. Poblocki, the late William Puls, Rene Langevin, Peter Olsta, Michael J. Coyle, Gino Manzi, Tara Canty Bennett, Marc Arcieri, Karen Bergstrom, Colleen Nasis, and Kelly Neff; a coach, Paul Lango; and a contributor, John Kattori.

The l994-95 green-and-white ladies hoop team, coached by Anthony Paranto, John Daniel, and the late Richard Chauvin, compiled a 20-and-2 record. Players were Kelly and Kathy Neff, Abby Charbonneau, Amy Ostrowski, Danielle Cabral, Mara Lounsbury, Laurel Downey, Lisa Surozenski, Lisa Melendez, Maurissa McGeary, tri-captains Courtney Halloran, Jennifer Chauvin, and Sara Hilton, and trainer-manager Christine Martin.

Bartlett’s Hall of Fame uses a decades-type formula, adding members from the early years to more recent times, providing a cross section to athletic prowess with every installation, and ensuring continuity. Girls’ athletics have been around at BHS for decades, but the distaff side didn’t come into a balance of sorts with boys’ sports, disallowing football, until the 1960s or so. The recent induction emphasized that balance, a women’s team and four athletically talented ladies.

The word is “congratulations” to all of the inductees with an acknowledgement. It was nice to see so many ladies at the rostrum. All of the inductees added to the evening, blending emotion, humor, and sincerity in a seamless way. The fame committee can be proud of their nominees.

Now for the contributor plaque presented to John Katori: A 1949 graduate of the town high school and a retired Nichols College professor, Mr. Katori was the force behind the formation of the Bartlett High Athletics Hall of Fame. He researched and packaged the idea, and sold it to the Webster School Committee, the BHS administration and athletic department managers. In a way, the series of Bartlett Hall of Fame installations has wrought gratitude and respect for all of the people who nurtured it, and most notably John Katori.

Retired Webster Police Officer Louis T. Polletta had a post-Halloween query: What happened to the Halloween parades and parties once sponsored by the town police force?

“Lines of kids in all kinds of costumes, led by the high school band,” Lou recalled of his days with the department. “They’d march up Main Street to the Town Hall and there’d be prizes, entertainment and refreshments. Everyone would get a bag of candy.”

Commercialization is the likely answer. Halloween has become a day for fun and masquerading for young adults, and trick-or-treating for children and younger teens. Workers in some retail businesses and offices join the costumed.

It would seem that the spirit of John C. Templeman, the Webster police chief who introduced municipal Halloween parties in the mid-1930s, has been unofficially dismissed. Research says the programs were an alternative to ringing doorbells, soaping windows, and similar tricks.

Former Webster Town Collector John E. Bialy, now of Haines City, Fla., suspended his write-in campaign for president of the United States four days before the election.

John voted early (possible in Florida), waiting 45 minutes to get a ballot, in order to make a quick trip to this area to party with friends at Chet and Linda Kijek’s home in Rhode Island. Mr. Bialy made a general e-mail appeal to the 190 homes in the little community where he and wife Linda reside. Maybe 140 of the homes are inhabited by Republicans, another 40 by Democrats, and 10 “who knows what,” he estimates. “Needless to say, I had an uphill battle trying to win in my home base,” he decided, making his concession speech in advance of the election.

A reunion with Webster-Dudley friends beats a tongue-in-cheek campaign for president of the United States any day of the week, he said.
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