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Thursday, April 11, 2002
So I've Heard Column

Sammy Perzichino sat with a coffee and in the Webster Honey Dew. Michael F. Mangan, the former Webster Selectman, walked into the store.
"Heeey, Mickey," Mr. Perzichino said in Ed McMahon fashion. The men, it turned out, played on the same Chaseville All-Stars baseball team around 1950.
Mr. Mangan was a pitcher and Mr. Perzichino was a fielder. They got to talking about the day their manager, the late Joe Fitzback, tried something different in a game at Hopedale. The Blackstone Valley nine had a fairly balanced batting order, with left and right handed hitters.
Coach Fitzback countered with a left-right battery. Right hander Mangan pitched against right handed batters and caught when lefties were at bat. The late Ted Ziemski, a left hander, pitched against left handers and caught when right handers were in the box. "We drove them nuts," said Mr. Mangan, smiling. "Of course, we were delaying the game." The risk was a left handed catcher but "Teddy was a good athlete," Mr. Mangan said. "He could catch."
"We had lots of fun," said Mr. Perzichino. The men had another observation. "Joe Pag (Paglione) was our best outfielder," said Mr. Perzichino. "His throws came into the plate on a fly," Mr. Mangan added. Chaseville's home field was off Schofield Avenue in Dudley. It's easy to find today because the Dudley Water Department has a well and pump house on the one-time infield.
Dolores Kwasny, now of Yardley, Pa., has the scissors then Sen. John F. Kennedy used to cut the ribbon at Webster Democratic Town Committee headquarters Sept. 30, 1959.
Mrs. Kwasny and her late husband, Stanley, ran a stationery store on Main Street, in quarters now occupied by Bolio's Sporting Goods. Town Democrats had their 1959 election office in the long gone Hotel Maanexit, where Dunkin Donuts stands today, and then across from the Kwasny's store.
"We watched the parade of politicians," Mrs. Kwasny said in a recent note. "Jack McNally came running over to the store. He needed a pair of scissors for cutting the ribbon...Later Jack returned with the scissors saying 'You should hang on to these. You never know, John Kennedy may become president.'" Mr.McNally was a Kennedy campaign coordinator at the time.
"My former and sweet neighbor, Rise Charniak, sends (So I've Heard) to me," Mrs. Kwasny said. Her note was a follow to my Feb. 14 piece about then Sen. and Mrs. Kennedy's Webster visit. "We saved the (scissors) and I still have them," Mrs. Kwasny said. "I will pass them on to my grandchildren."
-oOo-, the web site developed by editor Carla Manzi and art director Chad Pepin, is a year old. Curtis Cleaves of Webster filed the first commentary at 10:07:30 a.m. March 22, 2001.
Oldewebster archieves offer old photographs, mostly from the Jim Manzi collection. Editor Carla is his daughter and Mr. Manzi is listed as a contributing editor. This means Ms. Manzi gets to select photographs from her father's files.
"It is like finding an old box of photographs in an attic," Mr. Cleaves said last year. The number of hits or visitors is what's impressive. It was almost 8,500 the last I knew. Herman F. Becker is also a contributing editor, like Mr. Manzi. This ensures space for the web site in Mr. Becker's Sterling Real Estate office, managed by Ms. Manzi.
Readers added a couple of codicils to last week's column.
Re: Bastolla's, the long gone restaurant on Pleasant Street in Webster. Beverly Mayotte-Blanchard of North Grovernordale called to second Florence Lucas' description of the place, and to agree they had "the best spaghetti and meatballs you ever tasted." Ms. Blanchard lived in Jericho as a young person and has an uncle, Bernie Mayotte, now of Corona, Calif., who loved Bastolla's Italian food. He was a Navy career man. "We'd go there as a family whenever he came home on leave," she reme
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