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Thursday, December 5, 2002
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Joe Huq , a master electrician and engineer with Light & Sound Design, is mothballing his Webster home office, getting set to return to his residence in Germany.
Mr. Huq is also packing a 15 year career that has taken him to venues throughout the United States and Canada, and to tours as a "light man" with internationally known groups such as Ozzy Osborne, AC-DC, Pearl Jam, the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, Brittany Spears and Paul McCartney.
It's been a great career so far but, like anything else, it's had peaks and valleys, says Mr. Huq. Tours and auto shows are his favorite assignments. The Brittany Spears "gig" was the most important in his life, not because it marked Ms. Spears emergence as a headliner, but because it led to his marriage to a wonderful German woman, Mr. Huq said, flashing an Ipana smile.
Kirstin Theileis was a ballerina in Germany. She later trained for makeup and wardrobe work. Her first major assignment was with The Back Street Boys, and then with Ms. Spears. "That's where we met and married."
Today, home is in Blackenese, Germany, a 700-year-old fishing village outside of Hamburg on the Elbe River, said Mr. Huq. The couple has a 2 1/2 year old son, Brian James Huq. Blackenese is part of Greater Hamburg, he said. "It's more geographically condensed, but it might be likened to Framingham and Boston."
Life in recent years has been tours, a couple of days in Webster and as long as possible with his wife and son in Germany, Mr. Huq said. He's become somewhat literate in German and enjoys walks with his son to village markets and to the Elbe, where they watch the river traffic, he said. "Trains and buses provide excellent service in Germany," Mr. Huq said. "We don't even own a car because we don't need one. It's a nice way to live, I think."
A 1988 graduate of Bartlett High School, Mr. Huq's career path developed from the Worcester Centrum. "I started by pushing freight when I was still in school. Then, I caught on setting up shows, and went from there." He was a kid in the midst of experienced hands. "I listened, kept my mouth shut, and learned from them."
He has a new job, Mr. Huq said. "I'll be joining a company in Hamburg that's in the same field." They'll be some travel, but it won't be so far for so long." This should bring continuity to family life, he said.
Mr. Huq has praise for the mega names he's helped to illuminate. "They're real, truly considerate people." He met President Clinton at a benefit for Walden Pond in 1994 and was impressed. "His knowledge of Walden was amazing."
While he welcomes the opportunity to spend more time with his wife and son, Mr. Huq plans annual visits to Webster and environs. "My parents (Jack Huq of Webster and Martha Putnam of Dudley), my grandmother (Martha Wajer of Dudley), and my brother (Martin Huq of Dudley) are all here. Those are the people that have done so much for me and I love them."
If all goes well, Joe, Kerstin, and Brian James Huq will be together in Blankenese within a week or so.
Grosvenordale's James Sali visited his home village in Albania a couple of months ago, spending ten days with a mix of 12 first cousins and other relatives.
Mr. Sali, once Thompson's First Selectman, was a child when his parents emigrated to the United States. "I had never visited there," he said. His family spoke Albanian when he was young, growing up in North Grosvenordale's Greek Village. The trip was an opportunity to brush up on the language.
He was seated next to an Albanian banker en route to Switzerland on the first leg to his return flight, Mr. Sali said. The men conversed in Albanian and the banker asked where he was visiting in America. "He thought I lived in Albania," Mr. Sali said, expressing satisfaction with his grasp of the language.
There was a "small world" twist to the trip. "I was in the airport in Zurich and
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